Coaching Clinics & Resources

Coaching Resources

This section provides general coaching information, skill development literature, and practice drills for appropriate age levels. (Feel free to contribute to this section so other coaches may benefit.)

Useful websites for drills and games to develop skills:  US Youth Soccer is the largest member of the United States Soccer Federation, the governing body for soccer in the United States. The Coaches section provides training activities, practice guides, small sided games, and skills guidelines for appropriate ages. is very good.  It has an endless supply of good ideas, all with a Brit accent. There are some practice plans for working on skill areas. The twice weekly newsletter is truly free and it’s easy to avoid the product pitches. I have an archive full of useful activities. is the least commercial and focuses on small-sided games (SSG).  Great choice for quick practice ideas. is good but fairly overwhelming with ads and activities.


Documents for in-depth philosophy, skills sequence, and the Big Picture: contains two all-encompassing documents that are available as pdf’s for free.

The easiest and shortest is “Best Practices“, which is a great read.

The Big Kahuna of docs is found under the Coaching Education tab. It is called the “U.S.Soccer Coaching Curriculum“. It comes in 4 parts and covers all ages of youth up to 18. It was developed with the help of soccer great Claudio Reyna.  It is extremely thoughtful but best taken in small doses. If you want to get right to some planning for practices, look at Part 4 first (Planning and Training). This part has details on how to break down your practice time for specific activities. “  The Coaches/Education/Recommended Reading tab contains the Player Development ModelOfficial Coaching Manual, and Vision documents.