Fall 2017 MMSC Board Liaisons

As discussed at the Aug. 21 Parent Meeting, in an effort to open lines of communication between players, coaches, parents and the Merrymeeting Soccer Club Board, we have assigned Board members to each team.  Please feel free to contact your Board Liaison with any questions, concerns or feedback.

Fall 2017 Merrymeeting Soccer Club Board Liaisons:

Team:                                   Liaison:                     Contact Info:

U9 Boys: Kavanaugh            Jody Burt                     burtfam22@yahoo.com

U10 Boys: Mayer                  Heather Allen               registrarmmsc@gmail.com

U10 Boys: O’Banyel             Heather Allen                registrarmmsc@gmail.com

U10 Girls: Allen                    Jennah Godo                jrd3jrd@yahoo.com

U11 Boys: Cook                   Jennah Godo                jrd3jrd@yahoo.com

U11 Girls: Keleher               Mary Kate Appicelli        mkapplecelery@gmail.com

U12 Boys: Pelletier             Angela Twitchell            libnang@comcast.net

U13 Boys: Gurney              Jody Burt                       burtfam22@yahoo.com

U13 Girls: Graybill              Bruce Jones                   niketuck@aol.com

U14 Boys: Parker              Angela Twitchell              libnang@comcast.net

U14 Girls: Zoulamis           Pam Cook                       pcook194@gmail.com