MmSC (Grade Appropriate) Age Waiver Form

Merrymeeting Soccer Club (MmSC)

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I, _______________________________________ hereby request MmSC to grant consent

(Print Parent/Guardian’s Name)

for _______________________________________ to tryout with classmates. My child’s

(Print Child’s Name)

birthdate is ______________ . Based on this date, my child would be required to try out for a

U9 / U10 / U11 / U12 / U13  travel team.  My child will be in the ________________  grade.

(Circle One)                                                                (Enter Fall School Grade)

I want to have my child try out for the  U10 / U11 / U12 / U13 / U14  travel team with his/her classmates.

(Circle the Older Team)

I understand my child must attend and complete a tryout for MmSC travel teams to be considered for this age waiver.  And that my child is NOT guaranteed a position on a Grade Appropriate Team. If your child is NOT approved for this waiver, your child shall be placed on a team based on tryout scores in accordance with the team roster guidelines for the MmSC. If approved, your child shall be rostered in accordance with MmSC team roster guidelines for the U-(1_) level requested.


_________________________________________________       Date: _______________

(Parent/Guardian Signature)