Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Merrymeeting Soccer Club provides opportunities for boys and girls living within the SAD 75 area to play travel team soccer consistent with the guidelines of the United States Soccer Federation and Soccer Maine. The Club encourages play within the State of Maine, and supports competitive interstate options for individual teams at their discretion and in accordance with equitable budgetary allocations. While striving to field competitive teams within all age groups, the Club will foster, through its coaches, players, and parents, an atmosphere that promotes mutual respect, individual dignity, an appreciation of team play, and good sportsmanship. Through adherence to these fundamental principles of youth athletics, it is the goal of Merrymeeting Soccer Club to make travel team soccer an enjoyable experience for players, coaches, and their families.

 The purpose of Merrymeeting Soccer Club shall be:

a. to develop, promote, serve and administer the game of soccer in the SAD 75 area;

b. to provide education, training and licensing opportunities for players, coaches and referees participating in the game of soccer in Maine; and

c. to do any and all other acts necessary or desirable in the furtherance of the foregoing purposes and for the good of soccer.