Player Commitment

Merrymeeting Soccer Club (MmSC) Travel Soccer Player Commitment

soccer-huddle-handsMerrymeeting Soccer Club (MmSC) supports a travel soccer program. Practices begin for these teams during the first week of August. Games begin in late August, generally the weekend before Labor Day Weekend. Players are expected to play games during the weekend and participate in practice sessions during the week. Typically, most teams hold two practices per week. However, at the U13 & U14 level, teams may practice less, due to many players participating on school-based teams. Practices may be more frequent near the end of the season as teams prepare for the end of season tournaments and playoffs. League games are held primarily on Sundays with additional games (“Friendlies”) on Saturdays. This consists of 6 league games, not including friendlies, scrimmages, tournaments, festivals or playoffs. Game opponents will be made up of other travel teams throughout the State of Maine. Games will be both league scheduled and coach scheduled.

All Club teams and all players are expected to make a full commitment to MmSC and their team. This may include participation in the club selected Labor Day weekend tournament, the club selected Columbus Day weekend tournament, end-of-season festivals and playoff tournaments, as well as a full schedule of regular season games and practices. These events will require players to be available on Saturdays or Sundays and sometimes both during the

Conflicts between MmSC games and practices to participate with other sports or teams may result in loss of game playing time and forfeiture of the player’s place on the roster. It should be noted that this is a commitment and all players should understand their obligations. It is a team sport.

Players are expected to be at and be prompt to practices and games. Good behavior and active participation in games and practices is expected. Please notify your coaches as soon as possible if a conflict arises. Ask your coaches for specifics.